Fairfax is often referred to as “The Little Town that Time Forgot,” referring to its funky 1960’s style (you’ll see lots of tie-dye in the clothing shops), casual living, (many folks keep their own chickens), and a great community feel.


Fairfax is a close-knit, family friendly community with a history that continues to shape its culture. Surrounded by extensive open space, the town is a hiking and mountain biking Mecca and this environment is preserved through the local advocacy of environmental sustainability and community building.

In the national issue of Men’s Journal of Health, Fairfax ranks in the “Top 50 Places to Live.”

Fairfax has a bus hub on Broadway Street and Sir Francis Drake Boulevard. The bus ride to San Francisco is about 1 hour. The Larkspur Ferry Terminal is located just down the road in Larkspur Landing and it takes 40 minutes to cross the Bay to San Francisco.

The vibrant downtown has many stores, charming restaurants, and the most vibrant nightlife in Marin County. Many events take place year-round as well. The residents of Fairfax celebrate its uniqueness and recognize the part their town has played in the history of Marin County.
Fairfax is situated amongst the picturesque sylvan setting of Northern California, enjoys a Mediterranean climate, and is considered the most progressive of Marin’s eleven incorporated cities, yet home prices in Fairfax are under the median prices for the rest of Marin real estate. It is an affordable, central Marin location which is included in the distinguished Ross Valley School District.

Location, Climate, and Weather in Fairfax
Fairfax is in Central Marin. It is four miles west of Highway 101, and 18 miles north of San Francisco. Situated on 2.2 square miles of thriving forested hills, it is the gateway to the gorgeous countryside of West Marin. Fairfax has some of the best weather in the county as well. It is sheltered from the wind and fog by Mount Tamalpais and gets more sunlight because of its western location. The climate is temperate, with summers averaging 80 degrees and winters that average 40 degrees with an average 47.5 inches of rain.

Fairfax Schools
The Ross Valley School District is an elementary school district (grades kindergarten through 8) serving the central Marin communities of San Anselmo, Fairfax, and Sleepy Hollow. The district includes four schools: Brookside Elementary School, Manor Elementary School, and Wade Thomas Elementary School, all serving grades kindergarten through 5th grades, and White Hill Middle School for grades 6th, 7th and 8th. All schools in the districts have California Department of Education’s APIs rating over 890, and all schools are ranked at a 9 or better on the statewide ranking system.

The Ross Valley School District provides a full continuum of special education programs and services. Each site has resource specialist services, occupational therapy services, speech/language services and other services as identified by the Individual Education Planning (IEP) teams. The district has information literacy/library specialist services, counseling services and school nurse services, and a Multi-Age Program (MAP). The district also offers an alternative education program, Title I, and services for homeless, foster youth, and students with 504 plans.