Buying a House in Marin County?

Purchasing the right home can be a real challenge, especially in a sellers market, like Marin County. You want a realtor by your side who always has your best interests in mind. Someone who will give you the “real scoop,” so that you know exactly what to expect. You want a real estate agent who knows Marin’s unique communities and neighborhoods, so that you don’t waste precious time looking in areas that don’t match your lifestyle and your budget.

Realtor Kelly Erickson has been a resident of Marin County for more than 25 years. Kelly has a great understanding about what makes each of Marin’s towns and neighborhoods truly unique. She will take the time to really listen to the lifestyle and type of home you have in mind, so that she can help you select just the right community. There are many things to consider when buying a home: Marin’s microclimates, transportation to your job, the quality of nearby schools, proximity to open space and noise level. Kelly can help you prioritize your needs and then develop an action plan to find your perfect home!

Because she is part of the Vanguard group, Kelly is supported by a highly specialized realtor team that provides access to advanced tools and a vast network of resources, including market researchers. She works with buyers all over Marin County, with special expertise in Greenbrae and Corte Madera.