What is my home worth?

Whenever you sell your home, one of the most important questions you need to have answered is, “What is my home worth?” If your home is priced too high, it may languish on the market for months and not get the price it should, since older listings just aren’t as attractive to buyers. If your home is priced too low, you may unnecessarily leave money on the table.

Marin County is a unique market

Marin County is a unique home sellers market. Different houses in any one area are often dissimilar. One may sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars more than its next door neighbor, based on a variety of factors, including: lot size, special amenities, updates and the view.

That’s why you want Kelly Erickson and her team working for you! Kelly works with home sellers all over Marin County, with special expertise in Greenbrae and Corte Madera. Because Kelly is of the Vanguard group, she is supported by a team that provides advanced tools and a vast network of resources. Pricing your home starts with a review of comparable recently sold homes to see what they sold for. Kelly will also review their original list price versus final sale price and days on market to see if the price had to be dropped a few times. Then, she will work with her team to develop a realistic sales price for you, based on everyone’s combined years of experience selling homes in Marin.

Bidding wars aren’t productive

Sometimes a seller may want to list their homes for an attractively low asking price, in hopes of driving up the eventual sales price with a bidding war. The downside of a bidding war is that there is a greater risk of your buyer’s financing falling through, especially if your home doesn’t end up appraising for the offered amount. When that happens, other potential buyers may wonder if there’s a flaw in your home, and it may stay on the market for months.

The choice of how much to ask for your home is always yours, of course! Kelly is here to be your real estate guide and adviser.